Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello 2013

Well, its official. 2013 is well on its way, and so far - I'm pretty stoked those Mayans didn't know what they were talking about. Overrated stargazers...

Anyway, I digress.

Lets start by acknowledging that 12/31/12 was officially FIVE MONTHS POST TRANSPLANT. Five months people. Every month that goes by I still find myself amazed this has happened - and even more that the transplant has come and gone and I am now moving on in my life, healthy and breathing easy! Incredible. And made the need for celebration even more important this year!

NYE was a great, but honestly pretty low key. We started the night eating at the super fancy and romantic Waffle House for dinner - and were able to acquire our hats for the evening! 4 Eggs and triple hashbrowns later (my order, not both of ours...yeah I know), we were ready for the night!

Before joining friends to ring in
2013, we stopped by one of the many fireworks tents that always pop up this time of year and around July 4th. We loaded up with the "Excalibur" which was the baddest of all the LEGIT fireworks they had. Seriously, that's just another reason to love FL - no crossing state lines to get fireworks that amount to little more than noisy, ground spinning sparklers and bottle rockets. And no shooting them off as quickly as possible before sprinting back inside or diving behind bushes as to dodge the po po, feeling more like a crook than someone just excited about another year beginning!

At any rate, we decided to go for the baddest firework package cause we wanted a serious celebration after all we've been through this year. I could not WAIT to let these bad boys fly. Finally we made it over to our friends, Tony and Rosie's, for a little midnight firework extravaganza! Lemme tell you - Excalibur did not disappoint. We drew neighbors out of their homes and away from their sad little bottle rockets and other silly "fireworks". As our fireworks were clearly the most impressive, I was pretty excited to show off our selection. Seriously folks - best home fireworks display ever.

The next day - 1/1/13 - was filled with cleaning and takin down Christmas decorations. Getting 2013 off on the right foot so to speak! That afternoon we headed back to Tonys to help cheer on his beloved Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. :( Sorry Tony.

Afterwards came our 2nd annual New Years dinner - the Turkish Taylor New Years dinner to be specific. This arose out of Chris' insistence that we participate in the superstition in which we eat black eyes peas and cabbage on New Years to ensure "health and wealth" in the coming year, and my refusal to eat either as the mere thought of them sends an immediate gagging reflex through me. In order to satisfy both our desires, I went in search of alternatives that utilized both ingredients but in an unusual way. Thus the Turkish Taylor New Years dinner was born. I created a Turkish black eyed pea salad, pickled red onions and pickled red cabbage served with jasmine rice and a Turkish spice blended chicken breast. Everything is sooo good, albeit pretty time consuming. But hey, Chris got what he wanted and I learned a new method of cooking. Win - Win. And since last year was the first time we did this and well, health wise and I am doin pretty fantastic at the moment .... Well needless to say I was much more willing to embrace this as a new tradition for us this year! Double Win.

So right now I am super excited for what 2013 will bring to our lives. Lots of "life decisions" being discussed and thought about and prayed bout. So please if you would, aside from my usual request for prayers against rejection and infection, please pray for "closed doors" for us. Yup, you heard that right. Closed doors. In other words, that God will direct our decisions by putting up road blocks at decisions that aren't keeping with His plan for us. It's always hard to pray for that, but that's what I ask of you.

Chris and I want to again thank you all for everything this year. Your love and support has meant everything to us. Thanks for sticking with us these last five months. We are so excited for the next chapter in our lives - a chapter full of possibilities and uncertainties, but most of all - LIFE. We love you all and wish nothing but the BEST for you all in 2013!

Much love...xoxo


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