This blog accepts sponsorships by organizations that have a relevancy to the subject matter found within. Sponsorships may be in monetary form, as well as goods and services. All sponosorship decisions are at the discretion of the owner. No sponsorships will be accepted unless the company or organization represented are fully endorsed by the owner. No references to any sponsor will be made purely for personal gain.

Sponsors accepted will be indicated as such to the readers and made their status as a sponsor evident. Sponsors can expect varying degrees of exposure on this blog, and such exposure remains at the discretion of the owner.

Types of exposure may include:

Link to organization or company website
Reviews of products or services
Pictures that may include the logo, products, services or facility of sponor
Constant placement on our sidebar under our "Sponsors" section

These sponsor guidelines may change at any time and without notice.

Should you wish to discuss sponsorship with this Inhale - Exhale - Repeat please contact us via email. We would love to discuss creating a relationship with you and your organization. Thank you for your interest in IER!

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