Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Holy crap people this is not a drill!

At 1am I recieved my call from Mayo Clinic - they have  LUNGS  for me!!

As its stands right now, my surgery is scheduled for 12 noon on Tuesday. Right now I am getting discharged from Winter Park Memorial in Orlando, headed back to my house to geab some stuff and then we are off to Jacksonville. 

Unless we get up there and they determine that the lungs are not viable, it looks like by this time Tomorrow I will be breathing with a new set of lungs. If the lungs are not viable, this will be referred to as a dry run and then the surgery will cancelled. Ill remain on the list at my current stop and the waiting will start over again.

So, here we go guys. This could be it. Thank you to everyone who has kept my family in their thoughts and prayers through this. Please continue to lift us up today. Pray for my team of doctors, that the surgery is a success and they are guided by God's hands. Please pray for my family as they wait during surgery. Please pray for my donors family. Today they will say goodbye to someone they love. Ask the Jesus hold them as they say their final farewells to their loved one. Ask that they feel your prayers for them through this. And finally please lift me up in prayer. I need all the prayers I can possibly get.

Thank you...I love you all.




  1. Girl I swear u make me cry/laugh everytime I read these... I'm praying hard that this is it! These lungs are going to be the ones for you! Good luck girl stay strong.

  2. We are all praying for you and your family that the lungs are viable and they can proceed with the surgery. God is with you.