Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween & Three Months Post Transplant To Me!

Happy Halloween everyone!

While this Halloween is pretty low key for Chris and I this year, it is by far the best we have had (well except one during college where we dressed up as Team Zissou from the Bill Murray movie, The Life Aquatic. Classic and seriously the best movie/costume EVER...but I digress).

I feel good. Finally. So, I am officially dressed tonight as a bigger (seriously, 25 pounds bigger lol) better version of myself. Woot!! And today is OFFICIALLY three months post transplant. Our countdown to gettin back home is gettin short...this time next week I'll be posting from HOME!!

Exploring with Chris this week :)

But! While WE are not dressing up, some little cuties I know and love are! My sweet nieces are so cute and make me smile all the time. I miss these girls so much, and haven't been able to see them almost at all since my transplant. Their mommies have kept the flow of videos and pictures coming, and without them -- honestly this would have been a very depressing three months. They have kept my spirits high and I adore these girls. So enjoy a few of the pics of my babies that have kept me smilin while I recover! :)

Aunt Erin loves you and misses you Mabree, Mylee & Shelby :) xoxo

All three of my girls with their Nonnie (my mommy!)

Mylee with her miniature horse

Smiley Mylee with mommy's phone

How cute is that baby?!

Sweet Shelby girl on game day sportin her East Carolina Pirates shirt

Mabree at church - yup that's a bird.

Me & Mabree during her visit to Jax

Pretty princess for Halloween :)

Little piggy and baby sheep - so sweet :)

Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!

Much love xoxo --


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