Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lotta air in these lungs :)

Just another super quick update:

Most of you probably saw my FB post about today Dr visit. I went to see my CF pulmonologist for the first time since my Tx. Dr Layish is the one who kept me going the years leading up to the surgery. He def had a difficult job! If it weren't for him I wouldn't have made it to Tx, and wouldn't be doing as well now. I got to meet with my social worker, nutritionist, and Dr Layish and they are all super happy with my progress! Last time they saw me was back in March before I even went through transplant eval and my lung function was at 27%. Between that visit and my eval it dropped 6% in about 3.5 months! Today -- 107%! An 80% jump baby! And my weight is at 141 - holdin steady at "water buffalo" status. :)

Good stuff...

Me and Dr Layish - best CF dr ever :)

Today's PFT results! Woot!!

Much love...


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