Thursday, November 29, 2012

Poster child of Lung transplant

Well folks, you're officially reading the blog of a 4 month post transplant patient. One who was referred to as "the poster child for lung transplant" (I tried not to be offended by the "child" part lol) by her Mayo docs yesterday. Went to mayo and they are super happy with my progress, which makes me super happy! They let me finally get a FLU SHOT which I was sorta freakin out about. They wouldn't let me get one at first because of the possible complications of introducing a virus into my newly suppressed immune system. But, since I am doing so well, they went ahead and allowed me to get one. So, THANK THE LORD for that! I was freakin about about rollin into flu season with new lungs, no immune system and sick people everywhere. But atleast I'm protected from the flu, and my pneumonia shot is still good (got it last year - lasts 5 years) so hopefully I'll avoid anything super cray cray. Oh, and lung function is the highest it's been, so in the words of my beloved Phil Robertson, I'm "happy, happy, happy."

Speaking of Mr. Robertson - does anyone out there LOVE Duck Dynasty the way I do? These people -- well, lets just say, these are my people. They have beards, they are funny and they kill birds. What's not to love?? And I promise, Ol Si is my Chris in 30 years. It's crazy the similarities between them. I'm serious, it's like looking into the future watch that crazy ol coot. You heard it here first people.

Not the greatest pic in the world, but there it is - my SIGNED poster :) Thanks to the great Boyce Adams - husband to my best friend Katie - for snaggin this for me. Prolly can't make it out, but its signed by Phil and says "Erin, Take a deep breath Rom 1:16 - Phil Robertson" Gotta love it :)

Been back to work for a little over a week and I am really enjoying getting back to "normal" - if that's what you can call it. Not sure if this can be considered normal - it waaaaay exceeds any normal I'm used to! Planning on heading back to school in the Spring, so ill be workin on that the next few weeks. I'm pretty excited, but - well lets be honest. My first attempt at college didn't exactly go as planned, so fingers crossed this one turns out better than the last.

Well, guess that's about it for now. Nothin super exciting happening right now. Sorta seems like this blog as served its purpose. Not sure where I'm gonna go from here with this thing, but I'm either gonna hafta stop writing or I'm gonna hafta start coming up with stuff more interesting than my day to day activities lol.

So, hope everyone is having a great and are gearin up for a great holiday season. I'll be heading up to North Carolina the weekend before Christmas and I CANNOT WAIT! The countdown begins - 22 days!

Have a good one everybody...

Much love...


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