Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What a weekend...

This weekend I headed over to Daytona with some pretty awesome people to celebrate and welcome home Tommy Danger after an incredible endeavour:

The man RAN from Seattle to Daytona Beach. All in the name of cystic fibrosis.

When I first heard of this campaign I was not sure if I should be impressed or worried for his mental health. Turns out neither impressed or worried adequetly describes the More Than Just Miles campaign.

Cause thats EXACTLY what this was: MORE. More than just Tommy Danger. More than just the duo of Tommy and Timothy Ettridge sleeping in their van in a Walmart parkin lot, eating rice and noodles everyday, going through more pairs of shoes than most go through in a lifetime. More than just a run. It was MORE.

The campaign began when Tommy Danger learned of his friend's son Ethan who was diagnosed with CF. He knew that the lack of awareness this disease gets would do nothing to help find a cure. Cures are only found through awareness. Because without awareness, there is no movement. No movement means no funding, no research, which means no cure.

Through his 3200 mile run, he amassed a following of over 5000 people on his Facebook page alone. Thousands have been reached and touched by his commitment to this disease, myself included.

Its people like Tommy and Timothy and the rest of the MTJM family that brings hope to so many suffering far greater than I am with CF. My life with CF has NOT been pretty - but it was better than many. Growing up I was always healthy - a runner, an athlete, never sick. It wasnt until the last ten years or so my CF was even a true issue. Obviously a lot went on the last few years, but all that has lead me to this moment. One where I can make a stand with people like Tommy Danger, Timothy Ettridge, Cassie Snyder, Brent Snyder, Tori Simpson, Deanna Silva, Michael Silva, Carlton Clippard, Joshua Teague, Morgan Gridstaff, Karen Pollina, John Pollina, Ed Bono, and so many others affected by CF. People from a half-dozen states (including fom my HOME - North Carolina!! -gotta love these people-) converged on Daytona and it was incredible. We came together on Daytona Beach and stood together for those of us who are no longer with us, those who weren't able to come fordifferent reasons, and those who have yet to learn about CF.

Throughout the last 6 or so months, MTJM has raised of $10,000 for CF. And that is just the beginning. The real testament to this story is the awareness that has come from it all. Thousands across the WORLD have followed along, supported, and shared this journey. This campaign has sparked so much MORE - I mean would it be anything different with a name like More Than Just Miles? From this journey a new campaign is in the works - More Than Just Mountains. Tommy and a few others will be hitting the summits of 7 of the worlds highest peaks including Kilamanjaro and Everest. All in the name of CF. MTJM is also expanding into a non-profit who will carry the torch for awareness for multiple causes, other than just CF. More Than Just Me will bring to light causes that desperately need awareness. And I am so excited for the things that will come of it.

I hope you all will take some time to check them out. These guys are the real deal and I promise you, you will be in awe of their compassion and commitment. Get involved with them - volunteer your time or talents. Give of your resources  - whatever they may be, and follow along and lend your support and encouragement. MTJM is on the brink of big things - and I am so stoked to be even a small part of it.

Pictures below are just a few from the finish party. Enjoy!

Check out More Than Just Miles::

on Facebook: www.facebook.com/morethanjustmiles
on Twitter: www.twitter.com/morthanjstmiles
on Instagram: www.instagram.com/MTJME
online: www.mtjm.org






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