Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's good to be home...

What a week. Well, last TWO weeks I guess. We have officially been HOME for two weeks now. Sorry it's been a while since my last post, but its been a little crazy since the move back. Tryin to get my house back in order, tryin to get through the tons of thank you notes I'm writing, and loads of other stuff, has kept my time for blogging to a minimum!

My first day back was a little surreal. I kept walkin around the house as we moved our stuff in thinkin, "I can't believe I'm here. More than that, I'm here and I can breathe!" It's crazy to think that the last time I was in this house I was circling the drain. Sittin in my chair in the living room is weird. (Yes, I have a "my chair" - no, Chris does not LOL) Before, I had been camped out there for days. I was strapped to oxygen 24 hours a day and could barely get up to fix something to eat without struggling HARD. I was seriously miserable. I'd be posted up in the living room hurting, wheezing, coughing up blood and puffin on my breathing machine half a dozen (sometimes more) times a day like it was my job. I feel like I should be surrounded by a variety of medical equipment, but that's no longer necessary. Weird.

But awesome.

Kellyn, Ronnie and Mabree came over last weekend. Mabree had been given Sea World tickets last Christmas by mom and dad and since I was feelin AH-MAZING I got to tag a long! Do you have ANY idea how awesome it was to be able to walk around a park of that size and not be phased by it at all? To not hafta take constant breaks to catch my breath? It was so much fun and I was so glad I was able to go and see Mabree's reaction to all the whales and other animals, and to be able to ride the Journey to Atlantis log ride with her - her face in the picture is PRICELESS! I wasn't able to ride the awesome lookin roller coasters yet, just the non-jarring log ride that gets you SOAKED, but as soon as I'm cleared for that I'm goin back. Dad got me a Fun Card (pay for a day come back all year) soooo as soon as I'm done healin I will be ridin the Kraken.

Mabree is so stinking funny!

Still feelin pretty amazing - home spirometer reading the other day showed my FEV1 at an all time high for me - 107%. I have NEVER had lung function this high before EVER. Not even when I was at my healthiest and running miles a day during track/cross country or playin soccer or basketball. I didn't even KNOW your lung function could get that high. And if I had I would have NEVER believed I'd ever reach it!

Weight is maintaining right at 140. Next goal is to put on 10 more pounds of muscle weight. I also may have mentioned this before, but I gained an inch of height. Well not so much gained, just got back. Last few years I dropped from 5'11 to 5'10. I was in so much pain and had such a hard time breathing that I had started slouching and getting all hunched over. Well I'm standing and sittin straight now so the AMAZON IS BACK BABY! I've had to buy some new clothes because my pre transplant body was shorter and much skinnier than I now. Particularly my pants. I had gotten to literally havin to SHOVE my self into my jeans. (Never thought I'd EVER have THAT happen!) I'm talkin circulation issues here people. But my shirts aren't fitting great now either - my arms (and other things north of the belt line) have gotten larger as well. So unless the clothes were on the big side before its just not happening. I plan on goin through the closet and dressers this week and makin some serious donations!

I went to the Central Florida CF Support Group education day yesterday and spoke to the participants about my transplant and this blog. It's safe to say my public speaking skills are seriously lacking. The entire time Im tellin my story, all thats goin on in my head is "Don't cuss at these people. Don't say anything ridiculous or inappropriate. Seriously, don't." I don't RECALL any major slip ups, but with my prednisone/prograf brain I honestly can't really remember. So any of you reading this today that were in attendance yesterday I do apologize. Not only for the poor delivery, but for anything absurd that may have escaped my mouth - I did try. Being a motivational speaker is officially off the table as a possible career choice. I'll stick to the blog.

Tomorrow I'm starting back to work. Part time of course, but I'm ready to get back. I'm also gonna be goin back to school in the Spring, so I'll be workin on gettin all that stuff worked out this week. Pretty excited about it, but also a little nervous. It's been a while since I was last in college and well, I wasn't exactly success story (that's prolly putting it mildly). So pray for me people. This should be interesting.

Oh and for those who may have missed my FB post last night, we had people over to our house and I cooked a ton of food. It was super fun to finally get back to cooking. It's always something I love to do, but - like everything else - had become nearly impossible for me to do much of. I decided to try my hand at frying shrimp for the first time. Spent like an hour dredging these dang things, dippin them in this homemade beer batter and frying them up. My house REEKED. I am not a fan of ANY seafood and was not happy that my entire house freakin stunk. But they cooked up quick, looked like (what I thought) they were supposed to look like and honestly I was pretty excited that I got them done without some sort of grease fire or severely burning the shrimp. I set them out right before Chris came home and he beelined right for them once he walked in the door. It was at that point he informed me that, while they looked great, they had been battered and fired with the shell and claw/leg thingys still on. I was pissed. I don't eat shrimp, much less ever tried to cook them so I had no idea I needed to do that, especially after I asked the dude at the seafood counter for like ready to cook shrimp cause I didn't feel like deveining a bunch of nasty shrimp poop. Well apparently THAT didn't happen, and my ignorance of all things shrimp didn't put me in any position to notice any thing was wrong. So needless to say those shrimp found their way to the trash and I was furious. I have decided I am giving up on cookin all things seafood. I tried to cook Salmon for Chris and I last year and that was also a complete fail. So I'm done. I gave it the ol college try. I'm stickin to what I know from now on.

Seafood - 2 Erin - 0

So there you are - pretty much up to speed now. I'm goin to end here and go enjoy my Sunday Funday, which will consist of cleaning and other house stuff today. We really know how to take advantage of our day off together don't we? Hope you all are well, and as always, big thanks to everyone for continuing to pray for us and for stayin on this journey with us!

Enjoy the day folks! :)

Much love...


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